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Saltmarshe Hall – A country Retreat in East Yorkshire

Christmas isn’t Christmas for me without several elements! I am not sure what you need but I need, at some stage during the silly season a ‘meet cute’ with my family around a cosy fire! This time it was rather rushed but rather spectacular and we have Saltmarshe Hall to thank for that, truly. I’ve travelled an awful lot and to be honest hotels, no matter what the price tag, have rather lost their shine for me. Then when I least expect it, I happen upon a real gem like Saltmashe Hall. Amen to that! 


Christmas 2016 was rather different for us, having just moved to join my husband in Saudi Arabia, we had no real home in East Yorkshire. I am the family gatherer and my family expect a festive gathering of sorts, every year. We need that contact with each other. A little party, sharing of presents and running up a rather large bar bill, as you do! Instead this year we booked to stay at the hall and asked them to help us out! They were very kind and gave us the use of  a lovely sitting room with a fabulous open fire, to gather around. My family said, they could actually have believed they were in one of my previous homes, it was just that comfortable. I pre ordered some sandwiches and nibbles and we did exactly what we do every year, had a jolly good evening together! 


Saltmarshe Hall is run and owned by Kate. A lovely country retreat set in spectacular gardens. Kate is very much at the heart of the hall. So much so that I didn’t even realise initially that she was the owner. She’s very friendly and attentive. Her Children are visible and adorable. Her Staff, the ones we met have obviously been very well chosen for their roles. James the manager was a great host. He spent a good hour with me in the bar chatting about all sorts and watching me slowly relax. The wine was rather good too! The other Kate we met at breakfast (also good) the next day is also friendly, professional and lovely. 


I really enjoyed the stunning grounds. Having been in Saudi for 8 weeks, I was desperate for a really good ‘blow the cobwebs away’ walk in the Yorkshire countryside. Of course it was winter and frosty but that made it so much more. Something you’d understand if you had been missing home. I even had a good chat with a very curious sheep! The bedrooms suites are very, very lovely and I very much enjoyed a good soak in the large tub.  I have no bath here in Saudi, just boring old showers so again, it was the little things that made a difference. There’s something rather odd about the hall, one just relaxes! Lets face it, that is never easy for any hotel to achieve. 

Donna x 


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