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Summer BBQ – Marmite and Herb Beef Burgers

Love it or hate it, a little Marmite goes a long way in a stew or bolognese., so why not in a burger! Added flavour and fabulous when char grilled on the BBQ! Such a simple recipe and no bread was harmed! These are infinitely better than any frozen supermarket burger you will buy and only take a few minutes to make! D x 

use 500 g of pure finely ground steak for 4/6 patties 

salt and pepper (do season well)

chopped herbs such as basil and coriander, parsley maybe 

1/2 teaspoon of garlic paste 

2 or 3 good squeezes of Marmite! (you may like more or less)

Mix well and shape of press your patties! 


Enjoy x 



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