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Humble Who?

Donna Introducing the new home cook on the block! Humble Tart Kitchen Editor, Donna Holland.

“Just under one year ago I had an idea! I was frustrated with housewifely duties and moving around, trailing behind my husband. I knew I had skills! Writing, cooking and entertaining. I understood the social media planet. So Humble Tart Kitchen was born with under 1000 GBP. My aim was to create an online community about home cooked food. Part blog, part recipe site and some light entertainment thrown in for good measure. Within months we had won our first award! In June 2014 we will reach our first milestone. We are very pleased with the results. We do everything Jane and I. No money and no help. We simply engage our audience and bring them into our lives. We have noticed many big guns copying us. We don’t mind. Maybe that is what makes us different! We see talent and skill for what it is and run on instinct. We hope you enjoy us as much as we are enjoying the ride! “

Donna x 


Humble Tart Kitchen founded by Donna.

Humble Tart Kitchen was born in June 2013. Donna  is hoping to storm the book charts with her first joint book venture with Jane Edgar and her online Food, Drink and Lifestyle magazine aimed at the everyday housewife and home cook.

Rivalling many other websites Donna has opted for easy real home cooked food, gossip and sharing food shopping experiences with her readers. Keeping it real Donna originally from Yorkshire wanted to simplify meal times and inspire the everyday house wife to get back in the kitchen. You will often see the her cooking in real time in her own kitchen….not for a photo shoot or test kitchen but for  her real family! Donna is a huge supporters of ‘grow your own’ and are campaigning for schools to get kids in the kitchen teaching the basics and growing fruit, veg and herbs in real time.  She truly wants school kids involved in making informed and better choices about food. They realise that cooking in the home is important and not just for the housewife/husband but the student and child at home. From the ground up! 

Donna is campaigning for schools where possible to either hook up with a farm or indeed keep a goat! Kids need to know that milk doesn’t come from a bottle or Tesco! Donna is in her 40’s and has raised a family, she is a well travelled food writer and social media expert and keen home cook. The Dynamic home cook and writer is at at the very beginning of her adventure so watch this space! Humble Tart Kitchen is a not for profit and totally free site. Enjoy!

Update January 2014

angels-bring-business-awards-Google-Search-300x168-207x115Donna has won her first media award! We are proud to announce our success at the Angels Bring Business Women’s Awards 2013! We were runner up in the Angels on the Wire Award. The Digital Business Award sponsored by Lincolnshire Echo! Yeah!  This now young award winning business is going from virtual to real! Donna is looking for premises from which to run her cook school and B&B!  


*All recipes are by Donna/bloggers except where stated. Some photographs are a to show what the recipe may look like.

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