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This year the Mrs Bun the Baker family headed off to Greece. We fancied some warm weather and boy was it hot! The highlight for me though, I wasn’t going to be in the kitchen for all the holiday, infact none of it! Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE to bake but when I go away, I really don’t mind someone else doing it, and trying out the local cuisine. I was not let down either.

It is quite well known in my Mrs Bun the Baker classes that there is only one vegetable I really don’t like, the Aubergine. For a start it is purple an odd colour for a vegetable, although a very ‘in’ colour now with purple potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, it seems to be the ‘Super food’ colour. Anyway! Back to the aubergine, I also find it quite leathery, the skin is tough. So when the Aubergine appeared on my menu at the hotel restaurant, I was apprehensive to say the least.

Well I am now a convert to the aubergine, it was delicious, and I had it as a mash, stuffed with cheese, moussaka style, toasted on bread with mushrooms, all delicious. So my aim now I have returned to Bun HQ is to cook Aubergines, the Greek way! I can also say we have a sweet tooth in the Bun family, so would always find space for dessert, we had some amazing goodies. I was fond of the Greek Orange cake, ‘Portokalopita’ an amazing orange syrup and the cake wasn’t a dough but filo pastry torn up, one I will be trying along with ‘Ekmek’ a custard and cream pastry layer, very delicious, it is made from Kataifi which is a type of Greek Pastry too, not sure I can get hold of that!

Son Bun was very partial to all things ice cream, and Mr Bun loved all desserts that were chocolate, from the chocolate mousse, to torte, brownies and Kokakia (Greek Cream Puffs) now they were something else, a sponge with creamy custard in the middle and a chocolate top, I would liken them to a profiterole but bigger! But not as big as an éclair!

I am not sure whether the food tasted good as I wasn’t making it, but what I do know is I came back a few pounds heavier and with some new ideas for recipes to try.

With my Greek cook book to hand and my willing taste testers at Bun HQ, the taste of Greece will be coming soon. So look out for the Greek class with Mrs Bun the Baker, will we be smashing plates and drinking oozo, I think we may leave that part for now!


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