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It has been a great summer, lots of Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery classes, being a judge at the food awards, meeting new people both in classes and out of classes, planning new activities and ending this Summer on a high with a Mrs Bun the Baker demo at Carfest South.

When I was asked last year I was amazed, flattered, shocked and speechless but very, very happy. I was sworn to secrecy, only Mr Bun and Son Bun knew what was planned for Summer 2017. For a while I forgot about it, then April came and more details of what was going to be happening, I was now getting very excited, butterflies even and it was still 4 months away!

I planned my demo, something for the children to enjoy, that they would be able to go home and do, how about Bread and Butter! Recipes printed, Risk Assesment filled in, HACCP too! (A technical term in the food industry!) All boxes ticked, crossed, signed away.

So last weekend off we went, the weather could not have been more favourable, so warm, we left around 7am, and had to drop off all the ingredients that morning for the demo. The queues had started people coming to pitch their tents, so we had to go to deliveries! Exciting though as the only way to get to the demo tent was to go on the racetrack! Yeah, the only down side was the strict 10mph, even so, felt good!

The Bun family met Rob the compair for the Food Kitchen, he made me feel really relaxed and we also met some of the other chefs, Saira Hamilton a Masterchef finalist and Joe Hurd from the Munch Box!

Having done quite a few demos I decided I would take everything! I have been left before needing a grater, spoon and greaseproof paper. I probably would have popped the kitchen sink in if I could of, but no not really needed!

So Saturday came, my slot was 12.15, woke around 6am, having dreamt about the demo all night! So 10am I was in the food kitchen tent, prepping and chattering ten to the dozen to anyone who would listen! It was really lovely to see some of my old school friends from Bristol in the audience and one of my teaching friends from Wallingford school to give me moral support. You know when you think no one will be there, it was packed and to my joy lots of children.

The 30-minute demo was one of the longest and shortest times of my life, which may seem hard to understand, but having waited so long and planned out what to do, it went in a haze. I really enjoyed it and got such positive feedback from it.

Rob said

‘Brilliant fun and great demo really interactive!
Thought it was one of the best keep soaring’

The organiser said

‘I thought your demo was fantastic lovely to see the kids really being able to join in, learn about food and have fun too’

It is great to spread the word how Hands On and Fun baking is with children, Now time to plan Christmas!

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